The media league table: how did the Labour Cabinet do?

We’ve been crunching the post-conference numbers again, and here are the top fifteen Labour Cabinet members when it comes to gaining coverage over their party’s conference in the print media and their online versions.

Listed in order of volume of coverage, it’s no surprise that Gordon Brown tops the list – or that Peter Mandelson is in at number two. However, Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth appears a long way down the list, despite the high profile of Britain’s military deployments, whilst the friendly brotherly rivalry between the Miliband brothers still sees David being the more high profile of the family.

1. Gordon Brown
2. Peter Mandelson
3. Alistair Darling
4. David Miliband
5. Alan Johnson
6. Ed Balls
7. Harriet Harman
8. Jack Straw
9. Ed Miliband
10. Andy Burnham
11. Bob Ainsworth
12. Peter Hain
13. Ben Bradshaw
14. Lord Adonis
15. Hilary Benn

(For the coverage garnered by their Liberal Democrat shadows, see this earlier post.)

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