Some interesting parties standing in the 2014 London Euro elections

  • 4 Freedoms Party – the latest attempt at a pro-European Conservative Party, including sometime Conservative and then Liberal Democrat Dirk Hazell
  • An independence from Europe – not UKIP, but courtesy of the old phone book SEO naming trick, it appears ahead of UKIP on the ballot paper. Led by Mike Nattrass, formerly of UKIP but then deselected by them.
  • Animal Welfare Party
  • British National Party
  • Christian People’s Alliance
  • Communities United Party – this is the party that managed to mistakenly call itself Communist and has been the subject of a legal restraining order.
  • Conservative Party
  • English Democrats
  • Europeans Party – a party that is meant to be a positive answer to UKIP and has run into a bit of trouble on Wikipedia by the looks of it.
  • Green Party
  • Harmony Party – though as its own description starts “Anti-immigration…”, it doesn’t want harmony with everyone
  • Labour Party
  • Liberal Democrats – with a list headed up once again by Sarah Ludford
  • National Health Action – including at number five on their list Rufus Hound, fresh from his nasty personal comments about David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt
  • National Liberal Party – True Liberalism – wants Britain to be more like Switzerland (referendums, federalism, armed neutrality and the like)
  • NO2EU
  • UKIP

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