Labour councillor quits and calls by-election after discovering she’s disqualified

Labour councillor Sonia Winifred has had to resign, forcing a by-election in Knight’s Hill ward, Lambeth after it was discovered she stood for election despite being disqualified from being a councillor due to being employed by the council.

All candidates have to sign a declaration that they are qualified to stand, but despite the warnings contained in it, it was only after her election that she says she realised that being employed as a teaching assistant in a local school meant she was disqualified. Even when a candidate isn’t aware of the rules, this sort of disqualification is something their party should spot before, not after, an election.

The by-election will cost around £10,000 to run. Sonia Winifred will be restanding for Labour.

Hat-tip: Brixton Buzz.

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