A handy little program to customise Lib Dem Voice’s comment threads

Over on the Jazz Hands, Serious Business blog is a handy little program that lets you automatically blank the comments from selected people when reading Lib Dem Voice. It’s a handy version of ‘pick your own moderation rules’ whereby you can choose whose comments you wished had not been published.

The blog post says:

Lib Dem Voice SanitizerThere are two particular categories that irk me; one is Men’s’ Rights Activists who try to derail any post on equalities with their “but what about the white cis straight mens!” nonsense. The other is the anti-Clegg faction who will spam every post on the site with calls for Nick to resign. In my opinion these people are getting in the way of debate, not contributing to it.

I have finally got sufficiently fed up with this to do something about it, and written something which will filter out particular users’ comments from LDV posts. This should make LDV more useful and less rage-inducing. By filtering out the predictable comments from the predictable people, I should be able to get more out of the LDV comment section. It’ll reduce my temptation to feed the trolls and post things that make me look bad, like the comment in the screenshot. If others use it, it’ll hopefully increase the signal:noise ratio further…

And to make the obvious liberal point: Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom to be heard. These posters are not violating LDV’s comment policy, but I do not want to, and do not have to, read what they have to say.

Head over to the blog for more details and the download link. If you are familiar with editing simple scripts, you can customise the list of commenters to meet your own tastes.

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