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Been rung by 0161 827 8150? I wouldn’t do business with them

I got a call from Red Star Financial Management (0161 827 8150) earlier today.

In case you do too, here’s why I wouldn’t do business with them: they gave me a very questionable story about having my name on a database with claimed information about me that didn’t sound at all accurate. They were wanting to sell me their services to claim compensation for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), but I’ve never purchased PPI for a start.

Now, the classic cover story for dodgy PPI claims calls is for firms to say they are ringing carefully selected people who may have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance but in fact are doing widespread cold calling.

So the very questionable sounding claims about me made in the phone call by Red Star Financial Management lead to one clear conclusion: better safe than sorry and steer well clear.

In a similar vein, I would avoid doing business also with 0161 850 5451 or 0161 814 9565. All, you’ll see, with the 0161 dialling code. I wonder what it is about firms there at the moment?

4 responses to “Been rung by 0161 827 8150? I wouldn’t do business with them”

  1. Hi, I am getting calls from Red Star saying they want to send me out paperwork regarding my previous bank loans and credit cards with Lloyds and Barclays banks – I have NEVER had any accounts, loans or credit cards with either of these two banks.

    They use various numbers – the latest being 0161 505 0316.

  2. They called me trying to fish for information. I told them I wasn’t interested but they kept insisting I was owed money. Hung up and blocked the number.

  3. Fed up with them calling me .When I asked them to stop they just kept putting the phone down on me. They have rung me 4 times since I’M NOT INTERESTED!!!Maybe somebody could let me know how to make an official complaint.

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