Liberal Democrat President election 2014: leaflets and emails (UPDATED)

Welcome to my online archive of the campaign literature from the candidates to succeed Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron. Their leaflets are reproduced below, listed in alphabetic order.

A commentary from me about how the first round of leaflets compare is in Liberal Democrat Newswire #50 and you can also still read the Q+A I did with the candidates for party president in Liberal Democrat Newswire #49.

You can also see their emails to party members, along with my commentary on them, here.

Click the download options below to see higher quality versions of the leaflets (especially if the photos look patchy on your screen) and do let me know about any additional leaflets I’ve missed, especially if you have an electronic copy of them.

Sal Brinton

Daisy Cooper

Linda Jack

Now dropped out

Liz Lynne

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