So, that’s why the Royal Mail is struggling…

It’s simple. They are just three years behind the rest of us. We might think it’s 2008, but the Royal Mail is still in 2005.

From their October 2008 Key Customer Update:

Within the next 5 years, by the end of 2010, we want to have identified all significant sources of water leaks within site boundaries and taken steps to mitigate them.


Within the next ten years, by the end of 2015 we want to recycle all water that we use outside of normal personal use.

You can do the maths.

PS They also do a nice line in jargon:

We have decided to re-phase the deployment of Walk Sequencing so as to better align all our programme activities.  This will ensure the right technical, operational and deployment approaches are in place, to enable a smooth and effective migration, where the changes are embedded and sustained.

I wonder if they have any ex-local government officers as their copywriters?

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