The Chiltern Hundreds: one for politics or film buffs only

The Chiltern Hundreds - DVD cover

Based on comedy play written by William Douglas Home, brother of the later Conservative Prime Minister, The Chiltern Hundreds is one of those comedies that was successful in its time but has not aged that well.

The subjects of its satire are still very recognisable – politics and class in particular – and the well-plotted farce is almost calling out for an updated, rebooted version. That’s because of the great weakness at the heart of the film to modern eyes: the female characters. Scheming, fickle and with an ambition for their lives set just on getting a good husband, two of the central female characters now feel (thankfully) horribly dated, but also so implausible that it drags down the plot.

If you’re a film or a politics buff, then it’s a period piece with enough charm and interest to be worth watching as a fictional constituency goes through repeated elections triggered by shifting romantic arrangements.

The picture quality is good, but the sound quality less so – and unfortunately there are no subtitles.

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