Vodafone’s rather novel approach to customer service

A small footnote to my previous problems. I rang Vodafone Technical Support with a problem (missing web browser after phone had been repaired and wiped). In amongst the poor customer service along the way at one point the technician said I could find the solution on the Vodafone website. He told me what page to go to and what to enter in the search box on that page in order to get the fix coming up top of the search results.

One problem.

The top two results on the search he told me to do were (a) Vodafone’s expansion in Ghana, (b) Vodafone’s expansion in Malta. Fascinating for someone I’m sure, but not quite the answer to a missing web browser. (And no, the solution wasn’t number three, four or in fact anywhere I could see in the search results.)

Good luck Ghana. Good luck Malta. You may be needing it.

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