Nick Clegg’s biographer to take on Green MP in Brighton

The Argus reports:

The latest candidate to throw their hat into the ring for the Brighton Pavilion parliamentary seat has vowed to out-green the sitting Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Liberal Democrat candidate Chris Bowers has announced he will join the battle for the highly contested seat and said his strong environmental background would allow him to “fight fire with fire” against the UK’s only Green MP.

In 2011, Chris Bowers published a biography of Nick Clegg called (wait for it…) Nick Clegg: The Biography.

As I wrote of Nick Clegg: The Biography:

The pre-publication newspaper serialisation of Chris Bower’s biography of Nick Clegg used extracts which covered the Deputy Prime Minister’s early life. When you read the full book the reason for this is amply clear. It has much interesting to say about Nick Clegg’s multi-national family and their close brushes with the tragedies of the early twentieth century. As it gets on to Clegg’s political career, however, it increasingly has little to say that will not already be familiar to close followers of political news from other accounts.

That first part, however, does make the book an enjoyable and worthwhile read for anyone wanting to understand the Deputy Prime Minister.

You can buy Nick Clegg: The Biography by Chris Bowers here.

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