SNP takes long-distance politics to extremes with their local councillor in Austria

Austria, not Fife

Fife Today reports:

Concerns have been raised over an SNP councillor’s ability to serve his constituency – because he lives and works in Austria, it is claimed.

Cllr Arthur Morrison, who represents Kirkcaldy East, draws a salary of £16,234 but in 2013/14 turned up to just seven of 47 committee meetings for which he is a member.

Since April 1 this year, he has attended only two more…

The Press attempted to contact him through various channels – including email – but all met with no response.

Cllr Kay Carrington, who also represents the ward, revealed: “Around 20 per cent of calls to me are by people who have failed to reach him.” [Fife Today]

There is more:

Mr Morrison said: “I try to get back every four or five weeks – usually five, I tend to miss all the major meetings.

“My goal is to take work in Austria to Kirkcaldy and to try to create employment.

“I used to hold surgeries, but for the last year I haven’t. It’s difficult to get back a short with costs of £3,000 to £4,000. Most of my [council] salary goes on expenses to fly back to Kirkcaldy.

“The SNP are concerned. It’s not a happy situation and it tears me apart.” [The Scotsman]

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