Go read another Mark on the Party President contest

Mark Valladares has a typically thoughtful post about the withdrawal of Pauline Pearce from the contest to succeed Tim Farron as Liberal Democrat President:

I don’t know Pauline at all, although I knew a little from some of the coverage she had received. But it was never entirely clear to me why she was running for the Party Presidency, or what she hoped to achieve both through her campaign and if she were to be elected. And, whilst the other candidates were beginning to campaign or, at least, raise their profiles, there were rather less obvious signs that Pauline was doing the same.

Read Mark’s post in full here.

P.S. You may be wondering about the photo on this post. To be frank, I am too. But it’s what an internet search for a photo of Mark, with the ‘labeled for reuse’ filter turned on, throws up. Who am I to doubt the wisdom of internet search¬†algorithms?

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