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How can you not love a car park shoot out done to a bad karaoke song? Flash Forward episode 5

How indeed can you not? The final moments of Flash Forward Episode 5 showed why I should hate the show – and why I really love it.

Sudden car crash. New villains touting guns and wearing black appear. Car park shoot out. Mysterious attempted kidnapping. Significant nods between two main characters. Another badly shot after it looks like they’ve won a gun battle. Cue closing credits.

So – take a handful of last scene cliffhangers from shows such as 24 and Alias, stick ’em all together into one sequence (why save up for future shows when you can blow a handful of cliffhanger plot devices all in one go?) and – for the cherry on the pie – add in a backing track of two characters doing karaoke, badly.

It should be an awful disaster. It was actually great fun. They were singing “How does it feel?” The answer? Quite enjoyable really.

Roll on Episode 6.

Note: nothing in this post should be taken to imply that, however awful the karaoke singing may have been, mine would have been any better.


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