New candidate declares in race for Liberal Democrat President

New candidate for Lib Dem Presidency

There are now once again four candidates in the race to succeed Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron in this autumn’s election.

Pauline Pearce’s withdrawal reduced the field to three – Sal Brinton, Linda Jack and Liz Lynne. But they’ve now been joined by a fourth candidate, Daisy Cooper:

Dear fellow Lib Dem,

Today, I’m delighted to announce my candidacy for Liberal Democrat Party President, with the backing of Catherine Bearder MEP, Norman Baker MP, experienced councillors and some of the party’s finest campaigners.

I have huge ambitions for our party. I’m 32 and I’m prepared to spend the next 50 years of my life fighting for our political beliefs. The next few months will be challenging but they also present an unrivalled opportunity for us to lay the foundations for a Liberal Revival.

Our Councillors and grass roots campaigners are the forgotten army on which our future depends – in this party, our place is front and centre.

As President, I would:

1. FOCUS ON WINNING. We must use May 2015 as an opportunity for every member to experience winning, gain confidence to campaign on our messages, and develop their campaign skills. That’s how I believe we’ll motivate members to go out and win.

2. INSPIRE DONORS TO SCALE UP SUPPORT. Donors need confidence to invest knowing we’re a political force that’s here to stay. I would showcase the party’s finest campaigners and new talent to show we’re the future of British politics.

3. RE-BUILD & RE-LAUNCH. After May, we must launch an ambitious national scheme to recruit members in such numbers that we will within 20 years wipe out all ‘black-holes’, be as diverse as the UK, and re-build our local government base and membership from community level up.

If you share my vision and want to help it happen, please join my team today and help elect me as the next Liberal Democrat Party President.


CAMPAIGN VIDEO: www.daisy4president.com
FACEBOOK PAGE: Facebook.com/daisy4pres
TWITTER: @Daisy4Change

Best wishes,

Her first campaign video adds some more detail to her priorities although (as I’ve said of the other candidates), so far the aims are much clearer than the means – and past presidents have a rather regular pattern of going into office with lofty aims which they then don’t reach.

However, having another candidate to make the contest even more competitive is going to add to the pressure on all the candidates to flesh out those details – which very much will be a good thing.

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