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A new must-read blog: Gaby Hinsliff

Just sometimes I stumble across a new blog that is so gripping, funny or interesting that I rapidly devour all the posts in the archives and then wish the next post would appear right away.

But Gaby Hinsliff’s new blog – on standing down as The Observer’s political editor – is all three and more.

Here’s a taster of her lovely mix of warm style, provocative points and interesting content:

Women doing deals from the kitchen with small child underfoot will usually try to hide the fact they’re not in the office in case people think it’s unprofessional. But doing deals worth millions in a lapdancing club full of half-naked women is accepted practice in the City. Ditto doing business over a two-bottle lunch, or in the pub: so long as you get the right results, absolutely fine. It couldn’t possibly be that flexibility is more often applied to a classically blokey environment than to a commonly female one, could it?

The blog is Used to Be Somebody.

P.S. Gaby Hinsliff is also on Twitter as @GabyHinsliff.


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