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The drunk scientist injects some quantum physics into his chat-up lines: Flash Forward Episode 6

Oh dear me. Has there ever been a more cringe-inducing naff chat up scene opening a TV episode? Drunk scientist on train uses crude quantum physics puns to chat up blonde with long hair and short skirt. Oh, and interleave the chat-up lines using Schrodinger’s cat with scenes from a hospital of a major character struggling for life on the operating table.

Yup, it’s Flash Forward Episode 6, once again turning clichés that should be awful into surprisingly enjoyable middle of the road entertainment. One with a mysterious kangaroo hoping down the middle of an urban street in the US.

In fairness to the show, it does get in more references to Schrodinger’s Cat  – and better explanations of the cat – than many a supposedly serious science TV program.

By now it’s clearly established that apart from the taking the original concept from the novel, Flash Forward by Robert J Sawyer, the TV series is heading off in its own direction, spewing new plot lines left, right and centre. At some point a few may even start being resolved. Or we may at least discover what the kangaroo (on screen time circa 1 second) was doing.

Episode 7 perhaps?


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