The weirdest criticism of Gordon Brown, ever – FACT

Weirdness is in the eye of the beholder of course. But I think I’m on safe ground on this one.

Cast your mind over the many things Gordon Brown has and has not done. Plenty to criticise. Plenty of criticisms made.

But what did The Sun wheel out yesterday? In amongst the story about his letter-with-spelling-mistakes to a dead soldier’s mother was this attack on Gordon Brown:

He also wrote the letter “i” incorrectly 18 times – mostly by leaving the dots off them.

Yes, verily – The Sun decided to criticise Gordon Brown for not dotting all his i’s. Let’s hope he crosses his t’s or we are all doomed.

As I said: weirdest criticism of Gordon Brown, ever – FACT.

Also one that, at best, leaves me with a rather distasteful feeling. Getting the dead soldier’s name wrong was a crass mistake. But using that as a hook to throw in this sort of weird criticism? That seems to me The Sun getting perilously close in to trying to exploit the tragic death for its own political ends.


P.S. If not dotting an “i” is a reason to criticise a Prime Minister, I look forward to The Sun report on the Shocking Secret Shame of Winston Churchill as evidenced by the surname in his signature. Not to mention the Hidden Horrors of Mrs Thatcher who was known to neither dot her i’s nor cross her t’s but instead go for composite splodges that left both the i and t shamefully wrong.

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