Official: Cameron broke party fundraising rules

The verdict’s in, and it’s a grim one for David Cameron: he broke Parliament’s rules, he raised money wrongly, he’s had to apologise “unreservedly” and he has had to make multiple promises about his future behaviour.

If a Labour minister had been so severely rebuked, do you think Conservative bloggers and MPs would by any chance be spitting blood and calling for his or her resignation? But now that it is someone in their own party, let’s see …

On, and twenty-six Conservative MPs have also been told to stop using Parliamentary resources for their own party fundraising.

PS A thought for Iain Dale: I trust you will be demanding that David Cameron now pays back the money? After all, there’s been an official ruling that he broke the rules, unlike the Michael Brown case where the Electoral Commission hasn’t ruled against the Liberal Democrats and indeed has said the party acted in good faith at all times. It would be a terrible shame if you came over as a man who applies double standards you know…


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