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How things used to be: the London tube map, 1987

With the new, restored-Thames, version of the London tube map due out soon, I thought it would be fun to dig out my 1987 copy of the tube map.

Back then the tube map looked rather different from current versions. There was a Thames, an East London Line and Aldwych – but no Terminal 5, North London Line or DLR expansion:

London tube map 1987

(Click on image for larger version)

4 responses to “How things used to be: the London tube map, 1987”

  1. Ah yes, 1987. You could leave your front door unlocked in those days – and there were parties in the streets most weeks. Takes me back, it does.

  2. Y’see this is what the internet is for!

    Having walked past it so many times I have been meaning for ages to find out the history behind Strand (Aldwych) tube station. Now I know!

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