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We have no kangaroo: Flash Forward Episode 8 #flashforward

Boo! Hiss! The Flash Forward kangaroo from episode 6 has still not returned.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the plot there was some small movement. One mystery was resolved in a rather simplistic manner (no, person wasn’t back from the dead, they’d just never died – even though someone had looked at them closely and been sure they were dead) – but, shock horror, the final twist involved introducing yet another mysterious man.

The one real plot movement was over the question of whether the futures seen in everyone’s flash forwards were bound to happen. With more doubt now spreading around, there was more scope for characters to wrestle with their own futures.

Overall though it was more a case of determinedly not really moving the plot or characters anywhere.

At some point this may make viewers turn off in frustration or boredom, though it’s worth noting that the positive:negative sentiment ratio amongst tweets about the show has stayed steadily at 3:1 (according to There’s no drop off so far in that very positive score.

My bet for next week? We’ll have yet another mystery man added to the list of characters we know almost nothing about.

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