No, this isn’t why the internet and Twitter wins

TechCrunch is frequently a great source of stories but I think they’ve got it badly wrong with the story about Tiger Woods titled, “This Is Why The Internet (And Twitter) Wins“.

The story says,

I’m reminded that this type of story is exactly why the web is destroying newspapers, and should eventually even take down television and the main source of news for most people.

and goes on to talk about how great Twitter and the internet are for spreading and finding stories quickly.

But it’s a bizarre example to use to hang these claims on. Because those stories were wrong.

As I said in my comment to the post:

Sorry, but disagree. The tweet you’ve got a screenshot of isn’t right. It’s wrong. Tiger Woods wasn’t seriously injured.

Story flashes round Twitter, and it’s wrong in one key part. How’s that a triumph for Twitter?

If anything, it’s a triumph for people who think Twitter is about passing round unsubstantiated gossip and to hell with the facts. As it happens, I think that view is wrong, but by trumpeting an inaccurate story as an example of how great Twitter is just plays into exactly those views.

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  1. The idea of Twitter as a main source of news is a bit frightening. There was that case recently of the guy with the shotgun. At first we were outraged that he was going to prison for handing in a gun. Then we decided he was a nasty bit of work. Then we discovered he was suing the police and decided he was OK again as they clearly had it in for him … All in about 20 minutes!
    Plus I’m not sure Twitter would have uncovered MPs expenses …

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