“You are the nasty party”: former Conservative chair

More fallout from the sacking by the Conservatives of someone for having cancer. This week’s Sevenoak Chronicle contains a letter from the former chairman of the Conservative Association:

Your article last week on the tribunal verdict was a credit to the Chronicle: it was accurate, balanced and informed (Woman speaks out over bitter Conservative row, April 12).

What is almost beyond belief, in my opinion, is the orgy of self-congratulation entered into by the association’s chairman and spokeswoman, who seem to be portraying it as some sort of victory for them.

The facts are unequivocal: the Sevenoaks Conservative Association was found to have unlawfully dismissed their agent who was suffering from cancer.

Anyone who has read the tribunal’s judgement will have seen they very thoroughly researched and reviewed all of the information and witness statements presented to them by both sides, and oversaw a five-day hearing with meticulous skill and impartiality.

Having undertaken this, they clearly found in Ms Holman’s favour and awarded her nearly £40,000 – and she still has leave to recoup her costs.

It is a tragedy this was allowed to happen as it did. The vast majority of the members of Sevenoaks Conservative Association are decent, committed people who play a major role in serving the community.

At the end of the day, this is not about politics, but correct behaviour.

How would those who supported the plan and manner of Ms Holman’s dismissal feel were this to have happened to them, or to a close relative?

The chairman, management team and the members of the association who supported them should reflect on three points.

First, you have very publicly and clearly been found to have unfairly dismissed an employee who was suffering from cancer.

Secondly, you have wiped out the association’s financial resources, which many hard-working members have taken years to build up.

Thirdly, you have – without doubt – proved in the words of Conservative MP Theresa May that you are the nasty party.

Cllr Mark Hudson

I’ve not yet seen anyone from the Conservative Party condemn what was done in Sevenoaks. But perhaps I’ll be proved wrong…

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