Daisy Cooper: Inspire donors to scale up support

Continuing my series of guests posts from candidates for Liberal Democrat President, today it’s Daisy Cooper talking about one of her priorities.

Daisy Cooper: Inspire donors to scale up support

To inspire donors, too often the only people that the party draws on are our MPs and aspiring PPCs – whether it’s for the leader’s reception guest list, or providing the ‘window dressing’ for the leaders speech at conference.

But our party includes many fine campaigners – from Liberal Youth members starting up University societies and running human rights campaigns (such as “Bears for Belarus”), or councillors and community activists that have saved allotments, libraries, hospitals and train stations.

We don’t just have ‘Lib Dem Achievements in Government’ – up and down the country there are many unsung heroes who are delivering achievements in their communities. Donors need confidence to invest knowing we’re a political force that’s here to stay. I would showcase the party’s finest campaigners and new talent from every part of our party to show we’re the future of British politics.

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