What does it take to be a political blogger?

DMR #20 - interview with Mark Pack

That was one of the themes in the interview I gave to Digital Marketing Radio, extracts from which are up on the DMR website.

Given how much I write, one question was about whether the written word is my favourite medium:

The written word, in many ways, is the toughest communications medium; so quite often, if you’re busy, if you’re stressed, if you got too many things to do, I wouldn’t necessarily say always feels like my favorite but there’s no doubt the written word is still immensely powerful. And in fact, very often, the most successful use of for example, social media channels, is to promote the written word, is to share, is to engage, is to respond but is all centered around having some good in-depth written words as the piece of content that you’re then generating buzz, engagement, discussion and sharing for.

You can find the full interview over in iTunes (look for episode #20).

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