Robin Meltzer does it again: thank you Robin (I think)

Long-time readers will remember that delivery round which Robin Meltzer sent me on in 2011. It was a compliment to me, he claimed. I had worried (despite the incident with the whisk) that he had subsequently lost faith in my delivering capabilities┬áso I was very reassured to see these signs festooning today’s delivery round for Marilyn Mason in the by-election they have coming up in Kingston:

Wet paint sign in Kingston

However, before Marilyn’s polling day there’s a council by-election polling day in Haringey so it was a double-help day today:

Kingston and Haringey by-election leaflets

Woodside campaign

The Haringey by-election is polling this Thursday.

P.S. Double-help equals double helping of chocolate afterwards, right?

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