Liking Bridget Fox’s new website

Just taken a look at the new Bridget Fox website (she’s the Liberal Democrat prospective candidate for Islington South) and I like it.

It’s not trying to be flashy or trendy, but rather concentrates on doing the most important things and doing them well. Looking at the top of the first page, you immediately get the message about how close the election contest is between Bridget and Labour and how important the NHS is to Bridget. The blog functionality means a whole load of work, such the ability to comment and to subscribe to comments, is already sorted.

Most importantly, the content is relevant, interesting and largely local.

There are a few bits to smooth over as the new site beds down but overall – nice job.

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  1. I like it too. Cheerful but not brash, very easy on the eye. Why don’t more Lib Dem candidates and local parties use wordpress.com like she does? Instead of paying £17 per month for a Prater Raines site they can get all the necessary functions for free, just paying something like $30 a year for the web address.

    (I have nothing against Prater Raines per se, especially after the facelift of their standard website, but when every pound counts it strikes me there are many cheaper alternatives. Apart from WordPress, Typepad and Squarespace spring to mind.)

  2. P.S. Another advantage of those three platforms is that they are all hosted in the USA, providing some protection from Barclay Brothers-style intimidation of hosting companies (thinking of what happened to Nadine Dorries).

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