Five tech tips for the new year: use NutshellMail

Each day this week I’m giving a tip related to computers and campaigning. The exact details of how you follow each tip will vary depending on your own situation, so if you’re not quite sure what to do by all means pop up a question in the comments.

Today’s tip: use NutshellMail.

I’ve eulogised about it before. I’ll eulogise about it again. But it’s simple: with NutsellMail you can easily keep on top of what’s happening on different social networks, all through one daily summary email. You can also respond then and there via links in the email.

It’s another free service that’s quick to set up. You then need to put in a little time to fine tune the options to suit your needs, but once you’ve done that it makes it much easier for a busy person to get the most out of Facebook and other social networks.

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