Law Society does the legal profession no favours

The Law Society could have done some good last week.

The Law Society could have put out a press release reassuring people that the legal risks if you decide to be a good neighbour and clear the snow and ice from outside your home are hugely overstated (i.e. the risk is so tiny no-one I’ve asked has yet been able to come up with an example of this actually happening and there are numerous major legal hurdles any such claim would have to overcome).

Or, if it was feeling very cautious about the law, it could have called for the law to be changed – just as it calls for laws to be changed in other cases.

Or, it could have done nothing.

But instead it sent out a press release from its President, Robert Heslett, encouraging people who fall over in the snow or ice or have a car accident to contact a lawyer to see about suing someone.

Oh dear.

Let’s hope improving the reputation of the legal profession isn’t one of the the Law Society’s objectives.

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