Memo to Home Office: it would be terribly nice if you sometimes answered a letter

From a letter to my MP:

I emailed Sir Roger Singleton [see letter here] on 14 September about my concerns with the way the Independent Safeguarding Authority’s guidelines state that if someone has been found innocent in a court of law that does not mean they could have been completely innocent. Particularly given the many issues about the ISA’s remit, this choice of wording in their own guidelines is one of obvious concern.

I heard nothing so I emailed again on 16 October. On 19 October I was told by the Vetting & Barring Scheme Information Team that the issue had been passed to the Home Office. Again, I heard nothing further so I got in touch on 27 November. On 1 December the team apologised for the delays and said they would raise it with the Home Office again. I have not heard anything since.

In summary: it is over four months since I first contacted Sir Roger Singleton and over three months since I was first told the issue was with the Home Office.

I have in fact written to my MP – Jeremy Corbyn – twice about this matter because the first letter, er…, didn’t receive a reply. Nice touch of irony.

And as for the Independent Safeguarding Authority and the Home Office, good thing it’s not as if either is a body that has to worry much about dealing with paperwork properly or that the workings of either have much of an impact on people’s lives. Oh, hang on…

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