TV leaders debates: predictions, worms, evidence and arbitration

I’ve blogged quite a few times on the subject of televised debates between the main party leaders at the general election, so here’s a round-up of my posts on the matter:

After 46 years of trying, there are finally to be TV debates between the party leaders at a UK general election. I’ve made my¬†ten predictions for how the TV leader debates will pan out, including how Channel 4 could make itself the real broadcast victory of the series despite being cut out of the debate schedule. All it needs is a little application of worms.

Although Danny Finkelstein has doubted whether the debates will have any impact on the election result – arguing they are taking place too late – the polling evidence from last time suggests there will still be plenty of people who haven’t yet made up their minds.

The arrangements for the debates are still being argued over, though swing arbitration would be a simple way to ensure sensible rules are agreed and on time. An alternative perhaps best avoided is the Mexican 2000 formula: hold a televised debate about the rules for other televised debates (no, really)!

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