Income tax cuts for millions: delivered by the Liberal Democrats

The big increase in the basic income tax allowance to £10,000 is one of the most popular policies of the government* but also one there’s a bit of a political tussle over claiming credit for. It’s a tussle that so far the Liberal Democrats are mostly, but not totally, winning.

However, the case for this being a Liberal Democrat policy, delivered only thanks to the Liberal Democrats being in government and despite Conservative opposition, is a compelling and simple one-two.

First, it was there in the Liberal Democrat 2010 manifesto; in fact, the very first policy in the list of priorities listed in that document:

Lib Dem 2010 manifesto list of priorities

Second, David Cameron explicitly opposed the policy during the 2010 election TV debates: “We cannot afford it” he said.

Turns out we could afford it – but it only happened because of the Liberal Democrats.

That’s just one of the many policies the Liberal Democrats have secured since 2010:

Liberal Democrat achievements in government - 1200px v5

* Though surely the most popular must be one that Lynne Featherstone introduced and which Norman Baker worked on heavily. Not equal marriage but banning wheel clamping on private land – backed by a remarkable 87% of voters. Unless anyone can point to a policy with a higher polling rating than 87%?

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