Contact Islington: how did January go?

After my 515 reports to Contact Islington during 2009, I thought I’d keep a month by month record of how reporting goes during 2010.

Here then are the scores on the doors for January, listing the number of reports I’ve made:

  • 39 graffiti
  • 4 dumped rubbish from the corporate sector
  • 21 dumped rubbish from private individuals
  • 1 road name sign
  • 2 utility cabinets
  • 3 street lights
  • 4 potholes
  • 3 others

… for a grand total of 77 reports, which if kept up would come out at 924 in a full year (yikes).

The numbers were slightly inflated by the usual build-up of issues over the holidays, with the subsequent snow then not helping as for several days work was slower than usual at clearing these sorts of items. There also seems to be at least one new graffiti person roaming the areas of Islington which I frequent.

The huge drop on the proportion of dumped rubbish coming from the corporate sector, and in particular contractors working on behalf of utility companies or the council, is a pleasant surprise and a change from the pattern last year.

One other piece of good news: the excellent senior people in charge of graffiti cleaning at Islington are now on the case of one long outstanding issue.

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