Luciana Berger hit by yet more Labour infighting in Liverpool Wavertree

The story so far: Labour selects Luciana Berger as their candidate for Liverpool Wavertree, despite the fact that she was also a candidate for the local elections in Camden, London. Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle attacks Luciana Berger’s selection. Off the back of her Camden connection, a Liverpool paper decides to put Luciana Berger’s Liverpudlian credentials to the test; a test that she then fails.

And now there are mutterings of discontent over how the selection process was run – because it turns out that during the selection contest she was staying in same house as Jane Kennedy, the retiring MP and her partner, Peter Downing. The problem with that? Peter Downing is the Constituency Labour Party’s secretary and so was the person running the selection contest:

Frank Hont, regional secretary of Unison, confirmed he had written a probing letter to the party demanding answers over the selection process. [Liverpool Echo]

The Liverpool Daily Post’s headline on all this? Liverpool Wavertree MP candidate Luciana Berger dismisses third election crisis, going on to say, “She has been rocked by criticism and alleged scandal”.

All this will do no harm at all to the chances of the Liberal Democrat candidate, Colin Eldridge.

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