Will some BNP money shortly be heading the way of the Liberal Democrats?

The appointment of Tess Culnane, an ex-National Front candidate, to work for the BNP GLA member Richard Barnbrook has been well covered elsewhere.

But one detail intrigues me. As I understand it, Tess Culnane’s job is one that comes with a salary. So does that mean she’ll now start paying off some of the tens of thousands of pounds she owes to two Liberal Democrat members the Liberal Democrats?

The debt comes from her loss of a libel action taken against Lewisham Liberal Democrats Mark Morris (who now works at City Hall too) and Vijay Naidu. As a result of losing the case in 2006 she was due to pay large sums towards their legal costs but didn’t, pleading bankruptcy. But with a job and a salary, it looks as if she now will have the money to pay up at least some of the costs the courts awarded.


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