The ghost leak of Stroud Green road is nearly banished

Stroud Green Road water leak

Ah, the sight of plastic barriers means the saga of the (latest) ghost water leak of Stroud Green Road is nearly over.

There’s been water leaking out at the corner of Stroud Green Road and Tollington Park for a couple of months now, appropriately enough on the other side of the road from where there was the long-running multi-month drainage problem.

The cause of the delays? A mystery ghost water supply. When Thames Water first tried turning off the water here so that they could then fix the leak easily, water mysteriously kept on coming out. The explanation? I like to think a ghostly supply of never-ending water, though skeptics may point to the possibility of an extra water pipe that is missing from the company’s records.

Mind you, the location is only a couple of hundred metres from the site of the Famous Potholes of Stroud Green, whose long-lasting existence was extended by Thames Water’s problems in locating the water supply at that location too. On that occasion, trying to turn off the water not only didn’t work but also resulted in more leaks appearing elsewhere.

This time round it thankfully looks like there’s only one ghostly problem and it’s only* a couple of months needed to fix a leak.

Oh, and of course if you were one of the people caught in the traffic jam caused by these road works or one of those people wandering around puzzled thanks to the closed bus stop – then this is nothing at all to do with me, ok?

Now, on to that other long-running water leak on Hornsey Rise, which has been going for over five months and currently is involving a Hollywood ghost movie like sequence of escapades with mystery sounds from behind a locked door, a long abandoned basement and someone battling through the cobwebs into the far corner…


* Regular readers will know why I consider getting a leak fixed, pothole repaired, redundant cabinet removed or high up piece of graffiti cleared after two months as “only” two months. And if it was Network Rail, I’d happily settle for “only” two years.

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