Poll ups pressure on David Cameron over TV debates

I pointed out before that the key to getting a boost in support out of TV leader debates isn’t so much winning the debate as beating expectations: if people expected you to do dreadfully and you come out doing ok that’s almost always a boost to a campaign, whilst being seen as doing ok when the expectations were that you would walk it means you lose support.

So the pressure really is on David Cameron as he’s the one going in to the debates with highest expectations on him according to the latest MORI opinion poll:

Which leader do you expect to gain most public support as a result of these debates, Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

Cameron: 53%
Brown: 20%
Clegg: 12%

UPDATE: These poll results are echoed by a YouGov poll:

Leaving aside your own party preferences, who do you think will perform best in these debates?

Cameron: 42%
Brown: 16%
Clegg: 11%

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