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Flash Forward: return of TV series delayed by a fortnight

The TV series Flash Forward was due to return to TV screens today in the US, for the second part of its first season. However, this has now been delayed by a fortnight, adding to the general sense of problems besetting the show and making it even less likely that the show can continue to have the dates on which events happen in the episodes roughly match up with the dates on which they are screened.

However, in better news James Callis (of Battlestar Galactica) is joining the cast and, despite the show’s problems and falling popularity in the US, its popularity in the UK, Italy and Spain may yet help seen it through.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the series is based on a most fun book which I wrote about here and you can get from Amazon here. So far, I’d say the book is better than the TV series, though I suspect they cater to different tastes.

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  1. Am in two minds as to whether I would be upset about Fast Forward not coming back. There was some pretty flimsy acting to match the dodgy story telling, but I am a sucker for sci-fi. More concerned about the return of Stargate Universe.

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