Live blogging: Reports of the Federal Executive and the Federal Finance and Administration Committee

Federal Executive (FE) report moved by Ros Scott – “I hope it is a sign that you are all fairly happy with the party that the room is emptying so rapidly.” Explains FE meetings always start with a session with Nick Clegg and also gets regular updates on the general and local election campaigns.

Explains how FE has changed more to a scrutiny model (cf House of Commons select committees) and has paid particular attention to party membership/recruitment and to IT.

Update on the Bones Commission report – those within the FE’s remit have now mostly been carried out. Creation of the Chief Officers Group brings together all the key decision makers in one body.

Highlights recent award party website won for most improved public sector/political website.

Party is setting and hitting more ambitious fundraising targets; expects the general election campaign to be the party’s largest ever.

No questions submitted and report accepted.

Federal Finance and Administration Committee (FFAC) report moved by Duncan Greenland. Unlike Labour and Tories, the party has no huge debts and lives within its means. Highlights the Electoral Commission’s ruling that the party had met all the donation checking requirements for its 2005 general election campaign. Party HQ is continuing to improve its environmental record.

Party’s resources do not match Labour and Tories but highly focused resources put into the key seats. Plans for last seven weeks of the general election campaign have just been signed off.

No questions submitted and report accepted.

No one-person standing ovation this time. Just shouts of “Brilliantly chaired” from, er…, friends of the chair.

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