Lords reform: cynicism wins the day

In March, the House of Commons voted in favour of reforming the House of Lords making it either wholly or 80% elected.

In March too, Justice Secretary Jack Straw announced the a draft bill to reform the Lords would be published within weeks.

Only one problem. The first March was in 2007 and the second 2010. Three wasted years when that terribly modern and cutting edge idea of electing the people who sit in our Parliament could have been introduced. But instead we’re left with this political cynicism:

Although the plan is unlikely to become law before parliament is dissolved, Labour strategists hope it will open up a dividing line with the Conservatives, who will be reluctant to back any Labour reforms. [The Times]

Do something about reforming the Lords when you can make it happen? No.

Do something about reforming the Lords when you can’t make it happen but can embarrass the Tories? Yes.

Ah, New Labour.

UPDATE: That Labour cynicism over Lords reform continued to win out, keeping the Lords unreformed.

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