Martin Salter: an easy answer to a clichéd Twitter question

Over in The Telegraph Labour MP Martin Salter asks the, by now, very cliched question:

Just who are interested in MPs Twitterings? … And given the prime audience for these dull statements are likely to be opposition bloggers or hostile hacks waiting for you to screw-up spectacularly, I have to ask, what’s the point?

Easy one to answer Martin. Who’s interested? Constituents, that’s who.

One response to “Martin Salter: an easy answer to a clichéd Twitter question”

  1. My local MP also famously said that blogging is for tragic individuals who should get out more… If Mr Salter were to play King Canute he would actually believe he could hold back the tide and then deny that he needed to learn to swim, because he wasn’t drowning!

    I also noticed he scored 100 on the authoritarianism scale. I won’t tell you what our ‘people’s champion’ said to me when I bumped into him recently, affable, but not exactly charming.

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