Don’t forget to vote (oh and, er, please vote for me)

Lib Dem president ballot mailing
Voting for the Liberal Democrat federal committees closes at noon, Thursday 20 November.

This ballot is open to voting conference reps (this time round – party conference has agreed in principle to change this for future elections).

Voters should have either received an email with a link to voting and the candidate manifestos or had a posted mailing.

In this contest, I’m re-standing for the Federal Policy Committee; see my FPC manifesto here and also my tips for six great candidates to vote for. It’s also well worth taking a look at Jennie Rigg’s site for her excellent set of candidate Q+As.

For more on what the committees up for election do, and what to do if you’ve had neither an email nor a posted mailing see the helpful round up on Lib Dem Voice.

Voting for Liberal Democrat Party President closes at noon, Wednesday 26 November. This ballot is open to all party members, who should by now have received a ballot mailing with options to vote by post, by manually going to a web address or by scanning a QR code.*

Manifestos for the candidates were included in the mailing and are available after you login to the voting site. I’ve also added them to my round-up of literature from the Presidential candidates.


* Yes, verily. QR codes have a future facilitating internal Liberal Democrat elections. All hail the glorious QR code.

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