Nick Clegg, Jo Swinson in the news

Nick Clegg on Radio 4’s Today this morning, via Politics Home:

Mr Clegg said that his party would “rebalance” the tax system so that the country comes out of the recession “in a fairer state than we went into it” … Later Mr Clegg said that the EU should reconsider its trade arrangements with Israel over the bombing attacks on Gaza. “The western reaction, the reaction from the international community has either been wrong in the case of George Bush who seems to be giving more or less a green light to carry on bombing no questions asked, or weak in the case of Gordon Brown or the European Union.”

Jo Swinson profiled on the BBC yesterday:

With some honourable members in their eighties and plenty in their sixties and seventies, the Commons is not the most youthful working environment.

Ms Swinson, sitting in the cramped Westminster office she shares with her researcher, said: “Sometimes I think I’m pigeonholed. It still amazes me what excuses people use to bring up my age.”

Andy Strange, over on his Process Guy blog,  takes issue with one of the questions:

In it she complains about being pigeon-holed because of her age to a journalist who…er…pigeon-holes her because of her age.

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