Pink Dog

I’m a Lib Dem so I should have a view about Doctor Who, right?

OK then here’s what I made of Matt Smith’s debut:

a. Excellent snappy dialogue. Just the sort of drama the BBC should do – after all, its resources allow people the space to polish the dialogue rather than muddle through with second-rate scripts.

b. Loved the way the camera work and music was adapted to suit the style of the new Doctor. Very clever piece of TV making, integrating all the different skills.

c. Ironic really that for all the talk about how modern the new Doctor Who is for its attitude towards gay relationships, it’s still got the “let’s stick a woman in skimpy clothes to please the adult viewers” tradition going strong.

d. Anti-dog discrimination: only one dog and it’s a bad guy (or rather part of a bad guy). What about cute, friendly, intelligent dogs?


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