Hello, here’s a red line, and it’s about ministerial posts

Yesterday Nick Clegg spoke about the possibilities of another hung Parliament:

Asked about potential coalitions after May’s election, he said: “I will never sit around a Cabinet table with (UKIP leader) Nigel Farage, that’s for sure, and I would think the feeling is pretty mutual.”

It’s a sentiment that will doubtless be popular with Liberal Democrats, and being unafraid to point out how different the Liberal Democrats are from UKIP is a good move.

But opening the door to starting to name names is risky.

After all, if you’re willing to answer the question about Nigel Farage, what about other individuals? And once you get sucked into naming some names but not others, a world of political pain awaits – getting sucked into talking about posts rather than policies, and running into flack for not ruling out a name just one step beyond those you’ve already ruled out. There’s always just one more name to ask about.

Although as was pointed out on Twitter:

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