Ad Lib gets a makeover: more policy, more campaigning, less lifestyle

The Liberal Democrats monthly magazine Ad Lib is getting a makeover, starting with the edition being posted out to all party members this week:
Ad Lib cover November 2014
As you can partly tell from the cover, the new look sees a larger magazine concentrating more on policy, stories from the grassroots and campaign tips, with rather less of the food, music and assorted other ‘lifestyle’ type stories in the previous incarnation. Education and environment are smart policy areas to highlight given the interests of many party activists.

I hope Lord Bonkers survives to the new regime and indeed that the new magazine will be a success.

The logic of redesign sounds solid, especially as it is based on reader research. It’s big challenge, I suspect, will be how to cover campaigning and policy in a way that is interesting enough to be worth paying for when there are so many alternative sources of information for both already, many of which are free (including, ahem, my own monthly Liberal Democrat newsletter which has a larger circulation than the old Ad Lib).

But there’s a big need for better communication in the party, so hopefully that challenge will be overcome and with style. Good luck to the team.

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