Labour campaigning takes an unusual turn

Across the country, election address leaflets from the Labour Party have been dropping through letterboxes – even though the general election campaign has not yet formally started.

These leaflets – delivered free for candidates by the Royal Mail – usually only appear during the campaign itself as candidates make use of the free service which delivers one leaflet from each candidate to each voter.

However, Labour has made use of the special provision which allows leaflets to be delivered earlier, provided the party commits to paying the postage if the candidate in them ends up not being the party’s candidate at the election.

It’s unusual for this to be used on a widespread scale and suggests a weakness in Labour’s grassroots organisation if the party feels it necessary to use up some of its free delivery so early in the campaign and at a point where there is a (small) risk they could be landed with a large postage bill if something happens to a would-be candidate before they get formally nominated.

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