How are the party leaders doing on Twitter?

I’ve used Edelman’s Tweetlevel tool for my monthly round-ups of how Liberal Democrat MPs are doing on Twitter, so the figures just out about how the party leaders are doing as measured by that tool caught my eye.

Some of the headline findings are:

  • Gordon Brown wins Twitter war by volume
  • Clegg is the leader with most favourability
  • Cameron “gets people’s goats” – exciting most negative Tweets, but Cameron’s negative ratings have decreased since the call of the General Election
  • Tory National Insurance pledge gives Cameron significant uplift in favourability
  • Over 50,000 Tweets on the party leaders since 22nd March, with nearly half of that since General Election
  • Clegg’s increased profile increases favourability towards him, but also excites more negative sentiment

You can get the full Edelman report here.

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