Conservative manifesto: the Liberal Democrat reaction

Here’s the Liberal Democrat reaction to the launch of the Conservative Party’s 2010 general election manifesto:

The Conservative manifesto is a blueprint for fake change. It is a depressing and dishonest con with a massive spending black hole at its centre, threatening an inevitable hike in VAT.

In the attached document, we detail where the Conservatives have failed to justify their promises, and why they should not be trusted with the keys to No. 10.

Commenting, Nick Clegg’s Chief of Staff, Danny Alexander said:

“The truth is that you cannot trust the Conservatives. David Cameron simply believes it is his turn to take over in the same way the two old parties have taken turns for years. Today’s manifesto offers the same old empty promises based on the lazy assumption that people will just give them another go.

“When the Tories say we’re all in this together, what they really mean is you’re on your own. Their agenda is to take away help from those who need it and offer it to those already at the top.

“The Tories won’t make life better for ordinary people. Their manifesto offers only fake change not the real change this country desperately needs.”



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