Conservative candidate Caroline Righton ‘goes to ground’

Caroline Righton, the Conservative candidate in St Austell & Newquay who was previously implicated in the faking of a message that smeared her Liberal Democrat opponent, Stephen Gilbert, has now turned all elusive again:

Caroline Righton, is one of only 7 candidates across the whole south west not to respond to a BBC request to give her view on the issue of fox hunting and has pulled out of the first local radio debate of the campaign.

The BBC’s Politics Show asked the 110 candidates in the south west what they would do if given a free vote on fox-hunting. St Austell & Newquay’s Conservative candidate did not respond despite being “contacted repeatedly” by the BBC.

The Conservative candidate has also pulled out of a radio debate with the other candidates on Radio St Austell Bay that will see questions taken live from listeners.

Steve Gilbert said:

“I’ve been very clear that if elected I would not vote to repeal the ban on fox hunting and I am more than happy to be quizzed on the radio with the other candidates.

“What is astonishing is that in the midst of a general election campaign the Conservative candidate here thinks it’s acceptable to not even give us her view on fox hunting or take part in a debate with the other candidates.

“With an election just three weeks away it seems the Conservative candidate has gone to ground. People have a right to know what they are voting for on polling day.”

3 responses to “Conservative candidate Caroline Righton ‘goes to ground’”

  1. Faking messages to smear her opponents, hmmm… no surprises there.

    When the only requirements to get on a Tory shortlist are being pro-hunt and female, we can expect to have the nastiest women in the country running as Tory candidates in most constituencies. These self-absorbed creatures will be too busy talking about themselves on Twitter to respond to any real campaign issues.

  2. Her no-show just shows her arrogance and therefore the arrogance of her party. These views are not representative of the majority of the country, which is 75%, who do not want the ban to be repealed. She has no idea what the people of Cornwall want, she’s completely out of her depth here. The Conservatives are pretending that the issue of hunting is not one for the election, all the while they have have Vote-OK going on, attempting to oust MP’s from their seats for voting for the ban on hunting with hounds. They feed the public lies and villainise foxes, stags and hares to patronise the public and try to make it an urban/rural class divide when it is not. As someone who’s lived in Cornwall for the last six years and previously Devon I can say that I have never met a single person who doesn’t oppose hunting with hounds. They are a minority.

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