Online versus offline vote totals for Lib Dem President contest released

Derived from Jonathan Davies’s helpful comment on Lib Dem Voice:

Total votes cast: 16,809 (38.9% turnout)
Of which: 4,421 online and 12,388 via the post

First preferences in the online votes:

  • Sal Brinton 1,864 (42%)
  • Daisy Cooper 1,678 (38%)
  • Liz Lynne 873 (20%)

First preferences in the postal votes:

  • Sal Brinton 6,001 (48%)
  • Daisy Cooper 2,852 (23%)
  • Liz Lynne 3,516 (28%)

It is worth noting that the Lib Dem Voice member survey performed better compared with the online votes than with overall:

  • Sal Brinton 30%
  • Daisy Cooper 52%
  • Liz Lynne 18%

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